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this mess but we're almost out of time ... >>president obama delivered a warning to republican and democratic lawmakers ... >>good afternoon i'm dan ponce in for steve sanders ... and i'm dina bair we welcome those of you tune in and on wgn america
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and the web ... >>john boehner's bill may go up for a vote today but it won't solve the problem and it will die in the senate ... but both parties are not that far apart on the spending cuts aspect of the problem solution ... if the tuesday deadline has missed the u.s. can default on its deck creating economic impact around the world ... >>we're now joined by paul lisnek of the chicago tribunepolitics
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tonight ... >>this is going to get worked out in the senate between harry reid and mitch mcconnell ... >>what they will have to do is work on the nature of those cuts to please the house republicans and for that matter the senate republicans ... this is about the tea party republicans in the house hindering progress ... if things happen on tuesday all interest rates will go up its
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economically devastating for people it's like another tax its those mortgages as the loans ... this tea party people just seem to be out of touch with the reality of the situation there are not willing to grasp the ramifications ... as we speak the house rules committee is trying to make changes to that john vander billboehner bill.. basically it's going no where the president is looking to the senate and he told them to just get going ... >>it will go to the house but
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it's anyone's guess how far it will go beyond that ... what's fascinating about this this is a manufactured crisis as opposed to the real serious financial crises going on in europe and elsewhere that's what's so sad about this situation and shameful ... four days to go my money is on the fact that i did think they will work it out piling onto the debt crisis a bleak economic report released this morning the commerce department says the economy grew only 1.3 percent over the course of april may and june high gas prices and smaller
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incomes are being blamed for that week showing ... illinois leaders are making plans in case a compromise is not reached on the debt problem illinois state treasurer dan rutherford is meeting with the media today to talk about what his office plans to do illinois is no stranger to debt and borrowing to pay the bills the state is running a multibillion-dollar budget deficit and the city of chicago also facing tough financial times and mayor rahm emanuel is offering his first budget proposal since his election earlier this year monica schneider has a live report ... >>the mayor today said the projected budget deficit for chicago will be more than $635 million that's money that has to be found to plug the hole in
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order to tackle that balancing the budget he is going to try and your approach newer than anything chicago has seen before >>we're going to deal with the structural challenges facing the city's fiscal health that set of choices has been avoided over the last decade hoping economic recovery might take care of the problem or just pushing off that set of tough choices or using onetime fixes to kick the can down the road and i'm not gonna do havethat.. he's taking a hard look at the inadequacies of the structural problems with the budget over the last decade and he wants to
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try and do all of this without raising taxes ... we believe that there are many ideas that have been brought forth from many different groups but we can't reduce it without reducing city payroll ... 80 percent of the general funds go to personnel related expenses and natcher people realize that ... >>not sure people realize this.. he's looking at ranks of management in city offices and it he is also hoping to get the unions to work with him ... >>look forward to paying higher
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illinois highway tolls of tollway officials have their way they want to double the current toll rates to fund a $12 billion capital plan it would include a new tollway new interchange in the south suburbs and reconstruction of a 50 year-old jane addams i 90 tollway out to rockford officials said the plan would create 120,000 permanent jobs and add $21 billion to the state's economy the current 40¢ toll would rise to 75¢ under that proposal august 18th ... the illinois secretary state's office is looking at the possibility of buying commercial logos on license plates governor quinn signed an authorization line yesterday it could mean turning your license plates into billboards with a discounted registration fee to encourage participation ... a major
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stretch of lake shore drive is back open now that floodwater from last night's heavy storms is gone lake shore drive from oak street to irving park was closed temporarily this morning because of flooding several inches of water flooded if you north side entrance and exit ramps ... we have more stories coming up ...s
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south suburban police at teaming up this morning in an effort to serve hundreds of arrest warrants across the area randi belisomo has a live report ...
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>>police say it they are recovering lots of guns and drugs ... this has been in the work for two months with combined forces gathering warrants to be served all over the region officers were checking for various compliance issues we rode along with law- enforcement on these searches ... officers needed to wear ballistic tests at all times to be prepared for the worst ... >>it's an unknown really serving
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these warrants ... these are serious felony offenses some of these people are hard-core criminals that do not want to get caught ... >>the hope is a good portion of old warrants will be cleared ... >>a woman who once worked for the chicago white sox has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the team and against major league baseball to alleges that she was passed over for promotions because of her gender throughout her eight year career with the white sox she said she was passed over for upper management positions despite her stellar performance she says in 2004 she was passed over for a less qualified male when applying to become a manager the white sox had no
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comment ... >>a u.s. soldier behind bars today accused of plotting a terrorist attack on fort hood texas nasser abdo who is muslim was arrested outside the base he allegedly had bomb making materials in his hotel room and jihadist literature police were tipped off by gunshop owner who said he tried to buy six canisters of smokeless gunpowder he won a battle with the army last year to be declared a conscientious objector ... >>remembering last week's norwegian terror victims today somber memorial service in oslo was put together by the labor party's youth movement ...
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york's public health system he will start this fall sources say that he will earn $500,000 a year plus bonuses in new york he was part of a team that began the turnaround of a $1 billion deficit in the health system cook county faces a $96 million shortfall this year ... >>i'm the shawl patel for bloomberg ... all eyes are on washington as this debt crisis comes near the deadline ... markets are bouncing back from the worst levels of the session ... all of the negative news about the debt ceiling has gold setting another record high today it is well above $1,600 an ounce ... something else that
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is not helping matters massive job cuts coming down the pipeline merck plans to cut jobs by 2015 ... there is competition from generic drugs but it is ramping umpiring in emerging markets like china and brazil ... sorry about the bad news but those of the headlines ... >>although apple is setting records with its i pad and i phone interest in the i pods is falling fast apple reported to 7.5 my and i pods were sold in its quarterly report that's down
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20% from a year ago sales for the popular music medium have been falling for the last three years experts say the i phone is stealing business and that google's android devices xhosa be stealing the sales but don't count it out experts say it has one more update probably right before christmas ... >>he was the lead singer of the babies and bad english and his new solo album rough and tumble is out now he's going on a world warwhy tour he is playing at the viper room here's john waite
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[music: missing you... john waite]
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a woman and her family facing eviction and addison have reinforcements from neighbors and anti eva action activists as they faced down law officers james miller is standing by and addison with a live report ... >>5 people were just arrested here for trying to block the eviction order a single mother of three is fighting to keep her home she said what's happening is wrong ... >>i have to seek shelter i have no rules to go ... >>the woman is a single mother
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of three and she was arrested to block sheriff's deputies who were here with an eviction order ... she lived in the home since 2001 but she fell behind on her $3,000 a month mortgage payments after being injured on the job a few years ago she made several attempts to work with wells fargo on loan modification and they refused to help ... they are currently under investigation for steering people into high cost subprimal loans ... wells fargo would not work with me they were unwilling to
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negotiate or come up with a solution and agreement all they wanted to do was sell this house out from under me for profit >>this is a very cruel situation on the part of the bank ... >>the woman agreed to leave to avoid arrest the locks were changed and she is rummaging through her belongings on the curb. >>coming up next your weekend forecast from tom skilling
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sunshine and humidity are upon us again after that wild night last night tom. >>at 1.2 we had almost 1200 lightning strikes going in a single 10 minutes. and we have had very heavy rains and some areas that had not seen at in these last days ... there was a lot of disparity in with the rain fell just after midnight the storms have clustered to this self and they are weakening we are done
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with the thunderstorms in chicago looking forward to a nice weekend founder is developing to the south and further south into the gulf of mexico there is a tropical storm developing it will take a system like this to bring drought relief to texas. unfortunately it will not go very far north texas is in the worst drought ever on the books. st. louis was
12:30 pm
at 101 degrees yesterday and there's blazing heat in the southwest ... we have a pattern of heat and the jets stream carrying storm clusters around this hot air dome it's breaking up with some high pressure coming in for the weekend but we have uniform temperatures coming through. we will have humidity ... about one-and-a-half inches fell at o'hare last night ...
12:31 pm
benton county had 3.6 in.. rockford had 1.73 in. ... on the map this is the region that had the heaviest rain. in chicago here are the rain
12:32 pm
fall accumulations: this was just after midnight at this hour temperatures are pretty nice ... the skies are clearing buffalo grove is beginning to get a son breaksbnbreak the southern suburbs around the low 80s right downnow..
12:33 pm
were taking a look now at the tracking for tropical storm don it's the fourth named storm of the season which promises to be active this year. here are the current conditions:
12:34 pm
next week we will have hot and humid temperatures with thunderstorms coming toward the end of the week this is a repetitive pattern but we are in the clear this weekend.. the highs today will be near 90 mid- 80s at the beaches. tomorrow will be mostly sunny warm and humanid.. the high will be 90 degrees on sunday with the possibility of a thunderstorm. we will be closing the books on the wettest july in history.
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it's time now for today's trivia which of the following is not one of the salmon'
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on the medical watch extra strength tylenol is getting weaker ... manufacturer johnson and johnson says that it's cutting down the maximum daily dose of extra strength tylenol to lower the risk of accidental overdose of acetaminophen its active ingredient the chemical is also the top cause of liver failure starting this fall the
12:38 pm
maximum daily dosage will be cut from eight pills a day 26 many other over-the-counter medications contains acetaminophen and there's the danger of overdose when combining them with extra strength tylenol ... >>concussions just how badly do they damage the brain? former nfl players say they are suffering the consequences of multiple head injuries doctors coming to their defense say even just one concussion can permanently block information flow into the brain is it the price to play? >>through years of steady doctors piano the true impact of those big blows to the head changes in the brain last well beyond the initial injury.
12:39 pm
>>after a baseline memory test i did ok and i kept playing but then the voice and i had started screaming ... i woke up from my last concussion but i walked away without regrets i just hope i got out in time ... given the chance to go back in time most of these players would play once again ... back then you do
12:40 pm
realize the scope of the injury ... many players estimate that they suffered at least it doesn'ta dozen concussions and they understood the risk ... >>the full concussions study is in the journal of reidy apologyradiology ... >> the pick 3 winning numbers: 4 8
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9 the pick 4 winning numbers: 5 1 7 5 $74 million is in the mega millions jackpot this evening
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after months of worrying about if the lockout would ever hand and a world wind of recent trades the bears are finally back in bourbonnnais. the bears reported to training camp today and kickoff practice at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon you can check it out as it is open to the public fans can expect plenty of new faces at camp because of trades and free agent pickups most notably on his way out is tight end greg olsen who is headed to carolina the bears will suit up for contact for the first time on monday at 7:00 p.m. ... >>the cubs finished up in
12:45 pm
milwaukee ... the cubs swept the series they are now off to st. louis ... >>the white sox will be playing in the boston red sox this evening ... >> we will be right
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day.. here to help us celebrate is chef freddie turcious from the cheesecake factory in downtown chicago ... we are going to make some cheesecake fondue ... we are
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going to cut pieces of cheesecake into 1 in. pieces whatever you like as far as a topping can go into the fondue ... we have some of our delicious cheesecake displayed here ... this recipe requires chocolate chips you help them in the microwavecan melt them in the microwave or in a pot with some butter...
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you have to make sure that the cheesecake is cold and a refrigerated so it can maintain its shape the new cheesecake we are going to lunch tomorrow it is the hershey's choco bar cheesecake.
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we are inviting all of our guests to come down they can enjoy and the slides for half price all day at chicago area cheesecake factory restaurants. in the new featured cheesecake flavor we have lots of hershey's chocolate in the cake ...
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for more information you can log on to our web page we will be right back..
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: the matterhorn. we have a good-looking day evolving after a night of powerful thunderstorms. tropical storm in don is heading to south texas. back here we are looking at a
12:55 pm
northeast wind coming off of lake michigan ... downstate illinois and indiana will see some of those thunderstorms' we just tendhad.. we have a high mold spore count there is an advisory ... it's an incredible hay fever and allergy season with all of the moisture in the air the pollen counts however arlo are low..
12:56 pm
the heat will be selling to the south and western plains and the southwest but it will be coming at us once again next week the jet stream will move around its setting up more thunderstorms so by tuesday or wednesday next week we have to worry about a repeat of what we have been experiencing these last couple of weeks ... tomorrow morning we have some fun patches things will be clearing up ... we do have a pretty decent weekend
12:57 pm
coming ... thanks for joining us today have a great weekend.. we leave you with more music from john waite . d
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